About Us

To provide a transformative tool for wellbeing.

 To deliver our effective, culturally centred, positive behaviour change framework to schools, organisations and businesses, enabling them to transform the lives of students, individuals, staff, management and boards, whānau/families and communities.

 Whakamana/Respect; Whakapono/Integrity

AKO Solutionz is founded in the belief that culturally respectful, mana enhancing relationships support, restore and sustain a healthy society. 

The problem our clients face is that access to culturally appropriate and effective tools is limited. 
We solve this problem through the provision of whole of school/organisation/business training in the use of Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement as a means to achieve transformative change at all levels.

Our special focus is in the use of Māori myth messages. These messages contain the ancient wisdom and transformational elements that are embedded within all cultures to achieve self determination and wellbeing.

Our clients are leaders in their fields of transforming lives. They are passionate, professional, responsive, intelligent and committed success makers and team leaders wanting to improve their practice and learn and share new and effective approaches to positive behaviour change.

We work in close, long term partnerships with our clients to ensure their needs are met and connect them to fellow clients to grow a Community of Practice. 

The Māori concept of AKO, meaning to teach and to learn, describes the interchangeable roles and the dynamics that occur when two or more people meet to share their skills, knowledge and experience. This powerful concept underpins our approach to working with people.

Nigel Marshall and Susan Ngawati Osborne, the Directors at AKO Solutionz Ltdare co authors and trainers in our New Zealand designed trademark tool Te Ara WhakamanaMana Enhancement.

Our aim with Te Ara WhakamanaMana Enhancement is to transform practice through the use of an holistic, culturally effective and practical approach that is informed by indigenous knowledge, western science, leading edge research, thinking and practice.
These innovative combinations allow for transformative results which are experienced by practitioners, recipients and their
whānau and families.

Our Services:
Trainers in: 
  • Te Ara WhakamanaMana Enhancement
  • Māori Responsiveness training for Volunteers and Professionals
  • No Bullying Programme
  • Tuakana/Teina Reading Programme
  • Leadership Group Writing Programme                                                                                                                                   
AKO Solutionz Ltd: 
  • Cultural Counselling and Supervision
  • Behaviour Support 
  • Educational Models 
  • Professional Practice
  • Mediation
  • Facilitation 
  • Hohourongo/Restoration
  • Special Projects
Please feel free to contact us: info@akosolutionz.com

Nigel Marshall 
BA Honours, Diploma Special Needs Resource Teacher, Masters Educational Psychology

Nigel led the multi-disciplinary team that has developed our uniquely New Zealand model for behaviour change;  Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement.    

Nigel is an Educational Consultant and Behaviour Support Specialist for People with Disabilities who in his career has taught in a variety of mainstream educational settings including three years as a teacher of special classes. Over the last 20 years he has worked as a Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) in South Auckland, on the East Coast of the North Island, and in West Auckland.

Working alongside Māori students, their whānau and communities has given Nigel an appreciation of the depth and strengths of Te Ao Māori (the Māori world view) and the importance of incorporating this knowledge into any strategies and approaches used to create opportunities for positive behaviour change.

Much of Nigel's work has been in addressing situations where students have either been bullied or are themselves involved in bullying. While bullying is usually a complex situation he uses the Mana Enhancement approach that is simple to effect and has great rates of success.

Susan Ngawati Osborne 
Ngāti Hine/Te Uri Taniwha/Ngapuhi

BA Education/Māori Studies

Susan has a strong background in social and Māori community work. She became interested in students presenting with challenging behaviour in 1995 when working with a group of predominantly Māori year 7-8 students brought together in one class for a year to alleviate the problem behaviours for their respective teachers. Inspired by this experience, she went on to gain a double major degree in Education and Māori Studies through Massey University.

Susan ran a number of Treaty of Waitangi workshops in organisations and multi-cultural communities before being approached to work in the Domestic and Sexual Violence arena in West Auckland.

Susan worked for seven years front line with Māori whānau dealing with violence and abuse, including sexual violence, and concurrently held the Ministry of Social Development role of Child Advocate for Tamariki/Rangatahi in West Auckland. She currently sits as a Pou Awha (advisor) for Ngā Kaitiaki Mauri National Sexual Violence network. She is also part of a team tasked with designing a national strategy for the elimination of violence and abuse.

In recent years Susan has been applying cultural knowledge through Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement with tamariki, rangatahi and whānau (children, teenagers and families) with transformative results.

She now manages special projects in the Kaupapa Māori Sexual Violence sector and presents and trains in Te Ara Whakamana:Mana Enhancement alongside her husband Nigel. Her vision is to develop a Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement Community of Practice on a local, national and international scale.

* There are six recognised authors of Mana Potential: Nigel Marshall; Susan Ngawati Osborne; Jude Moxon; Eion Pringle; Angeline McDonald; Rene Seidl.  Nigel and Susan have since developed new and significant advancements and innovations to the Model which they have graduated into Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement.