Who We Work With

Te Ara Whakamana has been used in over 85 schools and 30 organisations across Aotearoa/New Zealand. It is used in a range of ways including:

    • As a whole of school approach to improved responsiveness to the needs of tamariki and whānau
    • As a tool used by school counsellors, deans and behaviour and learning support specialists to build self awareness, emotional literacy and culturally effective strategies around both academic and behavioural challenges (including special needs, FASD and ASD students)
    • As a whole of class approach to developing a culture of mana enhancement, empathy, unity and cohesion
    • As an induction Model for all new students
    • As a staff wellbeing model
    • As a staff development tool to support well being and improved relationships between staff, students and their whānau
    • As a transition Model for all: early childhood to primary; primary to intermediate; intermediate to high school; high school to tertiary students
    • As a Model of Practice for Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour Clusters
    • As a Model of Practice for Educational and Clinical Psychologists 

Te Ara Whakamana has been used by a diverse range of schools, organisations and professionals including:

    • Educational Psychologists
    • Clinical Psychologists
    • Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour
    • Guidance and Careers Teachers
    • Early Childhood Educators
    • Primary and High Schools 
    • Special Character Schools
    • Charter Schools  
    • Christian and Faith Based Schools
    • Alternative Education
    • Kura Kaupapa Māori
Social Services:
    • Kaupapa Māori Services
    • Domestic and Sexual Violence Agencies 
    • Faith based Services
    • Men's Groups
    • Disability and Rehabilitation
    • Probation
    • Community Police
    • Children's Services
    • Community Social Services
    • Specialist Services (FASD)
    • Government Agencies (Oranga Tamariki, DHB, Youth Court)