About the Te Ara WhakamanaMana Enhancement Model

Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement is a circular framework that uses the Māori creation story, colour, imagery, narrative and cultural metaphors as powerful tools to connect individuals to their Mana, their sources of strength, and their world.

It is a tool that develops rapport, a fundamental requirement for positive communication and relationships. Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement moves us back to the richness and power of imagery, pūrākau/stories of our origins, of archetypes and superheroes, of amazing adventures, actions and deeds, of overcoming great adversity. Stories passed down to us by our mothers and fathers, our aunts and uncles, our grandparents and from our revered ancestors. Myths and legends, fables and parables, sayings and proverbs have been used through the ages in this way to illustrate instructive lessons or principles for living well on this earth.

"The most valuable skills to possess as we advance into the 21st century are those of deep human interaction: relationship building, deep listening, empathy, connecting with others, cultural sensitivity and collaborating." - Debbie Schultz, Blue Sky Minds