What users of Te Ara Whakamana: The Mana Enhancement Model have to say about the experience...

"Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement transcends who I am as a Māori into a contemporary framework through the use of metaphor and colour that undoes what Colonisation has done to my people" - Whaea Hera Pearce, Kaupapa Māori Sexual Violence Practitioner

"Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement has been a strategy used by Matapuna Training Centre as part of a targeted programme to address negative behaviours impacting on student learning and excessive time for staff spent managing disruptions. We have found the Mana Enhancement approach empowers students to find solutions to their problems. All of the students that have completed a Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement plan have asked to keep a copy and talked about the meeting and resulting plan with their tutors and peers. Many of the students peers have come and asked to do Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement! This has resulted in no significant student behaviour issues in 2015 and a significantly improved focus on learning – thank you Sue and Nigel!" - Jodie Cook, Chief Executive Officer, Matapuna Training Centre, Gisborne

"What I love about it is that from a Corrections world view, we are risk adverse and often forget that within each of us there is strength, from adversity comes strength and coping – Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement allows us the opportunity to explore that" - Alison Fowlie, Department of Corrections Practice Leader, Te Tai Tokerau

"I have found Te Ara Whakamana: The Mana Enhancement tool for behavioural change supports the collection of valuable information as well as provides specific direction and strategies for behaviorally challenged learners in a simple, easy to use framework. Mana Enhancement is a fantastic model to elicit student's personal information which helps build an understanding of the learner holistically, allowing stronger relationships to be built but also grounds the student in who they are and helps them identify the particular elements that strengthen their Mana. Having used Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement with individuals and large groups I feel it's strength lies in the ability to customise the references of the behaviour continuum to help users connect on a deeper level" Mark Harris RTLB, Cluster 21, Potaka ki Mohaka: East Coast, Gisborne-Wairoa

'As soon as the pen hits the paper it's real. This boy thought he couldn't control his anger.  Even his parents thought nothing could help him. Now he has a tool that really helps him. His whanau relationships have improved too as everyone has a role to play and are part of the solution' - Laurie Holmes, Youth Worker

"I liked it because I get into the red zone (Tumatauenga) really easily, my boiling point. It helped me to write it down and realise how I am in class. I have to leave the class to calm down otherwise I am stuck in a bad position and when the bell goes I take it out on the students or usually the teacher. Last year I threw chairs, pens, rulers and food. Now I am not as angry and I don't do any of that" - Year 11 Student

"I can see the men writing their own stories, sending it to Corrections and asking them to take note of it. And my files will be reduced to just one page" - Department of Corrections Social Worker

"It shows how you can avoid getting super angry and doing super bad things" - Year 9 Student

"I have done 3 anger management courses and they have been nothing like this"Young man dealing with domestic violence