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Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement UnConference 2020  
Friday 6th March  hosted by Arahoe School, New Lynn, Auckland
 Registration Opens soon!

Would you like to know about the impact Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement is having in schools around Aotearoa/New Zealand? 

You are invited to attend our inaugural Un Conference at Irongate School, Flaxmere, Hastings on March 1st 2019 and hear from the Principals, SENCO's, Staff and Students, RTLB Clusters and Educational Psychologists themselves and the many different topics you will get to chose from on the day, including...

Irongate School, Flaxmere, Hastings: "Our journey with Mana so far; Voices of our BOT, Principal, Staff, Students and Whanau"

Cobham School, Gisborne: "The Duality of the Atua and how this gives our students choices"

Kowhai Special School, Hastings: "Mana Enhancement: A Special Education Perspective"

Arahoe School, New Lynn, Auckland: "The challenges of adopting Te Ara Whakamana into a large urban multi-cultural school" Key words: low Māori staff, multi ethnic, multi cultural, kaupapa Māori, urban. 

Arahoe School. New Lynn, Auckland: "Integrating cross curricular subjects such as ICT and Te Ara Whakamana. Keywords: ICT, arts, literacy, large junior Syndicate

Sarah Goldsbury, Clinical Psychologist, Gisborne, "Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement and children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder"

Te Ara Tika Academy, Hastings: "Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement in a Charter School for Male Māori and Pasifika students, Years 11-13"

Thu-Lina Tran, Pastoral Care, Napier; "Mana from the beginning and through the cycle".

Richmond School, Maraenui, Napier: "Mana in the room".

Gina Rehu, Learning support coordinator, Hastings; "Ranginui as a support tool to co construct a culture of learning with Rangatahi (secondary school) "

Nau Mai Haere Mai

Te Wairoa
Our training in Te Wairoa was a wonderful community experience as schools came together to workshop Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement. Tiaho School invited us into their classrooms where we saw amazing displays of the Atua drawn by the students and big Mana circles unpacked by the children holding pride of place in the classroom. Such inspiring work! One classroom in Wairoa Primary had a Mana Circle which belonged to the teacher - exploring emotional self management with the Atua and leading by example! We look forward to growing this community of practice in Te Wairoa - truly leading the way.

Irongate School, Hastings: An inspiring day spent with so many teaching staff who whakapapa to Hastings - thanks to principal Maurice Rehu and your amazing team for your manaakitanga and commitment to embedding the practice of Mana Enhancement at Irongate School

posted 2 Jun 2018, 18:35 by Susan Ngawati Osborne

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posted 4 Sep 2017, 14:20 by Susan Ngawati Osborne

Cobham School, Gisborne - A true Community School.
We had a fantastic training day with Cobham School on Saturday 26th August and for the first time, included whanau in the training. The School created a lovely space, put on a beautiful spread and we even took home a Hangi - specially prepared for the day. Nga mihi nui ki a koutou katoa, te whanau a Cobham School.
Here is feedback from Teresa Scott, Principal:

"Just for information sharing and an update. Our Mana Enhancement community approach training day was last Saturday. We had aunties, uncles, grandparents, BOT, RTLB, parents & teachers in attendance (20 in total). Feedback we have had so far includes:

"This is life changing."
"I can use this to help my whanau be stronger"
"I have seen the impact this makes and it is worth doing it for the kids"
"Every thing makes sense for me now. I have a better understanding of what I can do to help"
"I can use this as my behaviour management in the classroom."
"This will help me understand my students better"
"This day helped heal me."

Our teachers have already taken it into their classrooms and started to unpack the approach with their students. Students comments are so alive when it comes to talking about this. I have posted a few videos on our facebook page if you have time to check them out". Teresa Scott, Principal Cobham School.

Cobham's second training day is on Saturday 16th September. We can't wait!

Training at Cobham School in Gisborne to include Whānau!

posted 20 Jul 2017, 18:58 by Susan Ngawati Osborne

We are excited to be training at Cobham School in Gisborne on 26th August 2017.  This training will be a little different, in that whānau from the school community wish to participate.  

We will be designing special Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement resources for 
whānau members and plan to work alongside staff at Cobham School to create a powerful shared experience.  Will definitely keep you posted on the outcomes of this training.

Te Aratika Academy, Hastings

posted 14 May 2017, 22:43 by Susan Ngawati Osborne

We are pleased to be training staff at Te Aratika Academy, Hastings on 25th May 2017. Te Aratika is a new partnership Senior Secondary School for boys and is run under a Maori/Pasifika philosophy.  The kaupapa of Te Ara Whakamana:Mana Enhancement fits into this philosophy well and we are very excited at the opportunity to work alongside these passionate educators.

World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education, Toronto, Canada July 22 - 28, 2017

posted 26 Mar 2017, 17:28 by Susan Ngawati Osborne

We have been invited to present Te Ara Whakamana: The Mana Enhancement Model at WIPCE this year and our team will be travelling to Toronto to present our Model on a world stage - very exciting! 

Ministry of Education Pilot

posted 26 Mar 2017, 17:24 by Susan Ngawati Osborne

We are currently running a whole of school pilot with the MoE Special Education in two schools; Richmond Primary School, Maraenui, Napier (contact Maurice Rehu, Principal) and Arahoe School. New Lynn, Auckland (contact Pia Harre,SENCO) . Both schools are fully and enthusiastically engaged with Te Ara Whakamana:Mana Enhancement and are already experiencing excellent outcomes. The pilot is being independently evaluated by Aatea Solutions and we will finish gathering the data on 26 May 2017.  We will feedback on the outcomes of the pilot by the end of June so watch this space! 

Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement Training in Auckland 15th April and 13th May 2016

posted 27 Mar 2016, 23:01 by Susan Ngawati Osborne   [ updated 25 Feb 2017, 19:54 ]

AKO Solutionz are pleased to announce that we will be delivering our 2 day Te Ara Whakamana: Mana Enhancement Training Workshops in Auckland on Friday 15th April and Friday 13th May 2016 at Glenbrae School, Leybourne Circle, Glen Innes.  

We invite you to join us and learn how to achieve transformational results when working for positive behaviour change. To register, email (This training is limited to 30 participants).

Stand Downs, Exclusions and Expulsions reduced to Zero - New data from Manawatu College

posted 27 Mar 2016, 22:49 by Susan Ngawati Osborne   [ updated 10 Oct 2016, 18:37 ]

Ka nui te mihi ki a koutou katoa,

After being involved in a 2 day pilot training programme in 2012, Manawatu College were so convinced of the value of Mana Enhancement that they embedded it as a school wide approach, from the Board of Trustees level right through from the Principal to all staff.  Four years later, Mana Enhancement has been proven as a powerful intervention tool.

Manawatu College have been operating their own Mana programme for some years in attempt to shift what they termed, “unacceptable statistics for Māori students”.  After implementing the Mana Enhancement Model with all students in 2012 and adopting a school wide approach, stand downs, exclusions and expulsions reduced to zero and correspondingly, academic achievement increased to very high levels.

There have also been considerable improvements in school culture and staff satisfaction.

Waynne Napier, Deputy Principal at Manawatu College explains, “Since we introduced Mana Enhancement, the staff are more able to govern the states of inner well-being, allowing for massive improvements in teaching, stress control and student empowerment.”

Matapuna Training Centre, an Alternative Education school in Gisborne, is also currently gathering data to show the transformational impact Mana Enhancement has had on their students. We are looking forward to see this data as it comes through, and will keep you updated.

Mauri ora

Waynne is happy to discuss the positive impact Mana Enhancement has had on Manawatu College. For further information, please contact him on

CORE -ed ULearn 15 Conference, Thursday 8 October

posted 22 Sep 2015, 15:14 by Susan Ngawati Osborne   [ updated 17 Oct 2016, 01:03 ]

Kia ora,

We are pleased to be presenting Mana Enhancement at the CORE-ed ULearn 15 Conference in Auckland on Thursday 8 October. 

We look forward to meeting many new people and sharing our innovative tool with them. Our 90 minute presentation will include an introduction to the Māori Creation Story and will show how Māori Gods, myths and legends and the messages they contain, deeply resonate with Māori and also with all New Zealanders.
For more information on the CORE-ed ULearn Conference, visit

If you are attending, please come and introduce yourselves to Nigel and I - we would love to meet you!

Susan Ngawati Osborne

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