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Stand Downs, Exclusions and Expulsions reduced to Zero - New data from Manawatu College

posted 27 Mar 2016, 22:49 by Susan Ngawati Osborne   [ updated 10 Oct 2016, 18:37 ]
Ka nui te mihi ki a koutou katoa,

After being involved in a 2 day pilot training programme in 2012, Manawatu College were so convinced of the value of Mana Enhancement that they embedded it as a school wide approach, from the Board of Trustees level right through from the Principal to all staff.  Four years later, Mana Enhancement has been proven as a powerful intervention tool.

Manawatu College have been operating their own Mana programme for some years in attempt to shift what they termed, “unacceptable statistics for Māori students”.  After implementing the Mana Enhancement Model with all students in 2012 and adopting a school wide approach, stand downs, exclusions and expulsions reduced to zero and correspondingly, academic achievement increased to very high levels.

There have also been considerable improvements in school culture and staff satisfaction.

Waynne Napier, Deputy Principal at Manawatu College explains, “Since we introduced Mana Enhancement, the staff are more able to govern the states of inner well-being, allowing for massive improvements in teaching, stress control and student empowerment.”

Matapuna Training Centre, an Alternative Education school in Gisborne, is also currently gathering data to show the transformational impact Mana Enhancement has had on their students. We are looking forward to see this data as it comes through, and will keep you updated.

Mauri ora

Waynne is happy to discuss the positive impact Mana Enhancement has had on Manawatu College. For further information, please contact him on